October 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

10/7/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

10/7 in a nutshell…
A Skatalites-centric oldies set led into a hop-skip-jump between the 2Tone era and the 21st century (from The Selecter to Umbrella Bed, in other words) winding up with the 2Tech ska groove of Perfume (who don’t do much ska, but when they do they have lotsa fun) just before we went Transkalactic. Sherwood was neck-deep in 45s again, spinning li’l licorice pizzas by everybody from The Islanders to Pete Rugolo to Hank Marr. Blue Beat was the theme of the 4(+1), and Millie’s Smash-hit cover of an old Barbie Gaye record was the Lollipop Of The Week. Smash, Philips, Island… take your pick. Whichever label you find it on, it’ll be… Smashing!

10/14/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

10/14 in a nutshell…
The post-Skatalites Soul Bros. featured heavily (3 45s!) in the opening oldies set, and we threw some Soul Cats in there as well.
From Skannibal Party 7 (the only volume of that series we’ve got down here) we had Mpls. locals The Prizefighters and Japanese ska powerhouse Skaff-Links. Sherwood had a boatload of deep album cuts this week, and followed those up with more weird old instro 45s he had on hand, and weird’s just how we like ‘em! The 4(+2)@4 was a 6-track salute to Chuch Wren and his Jump Up! ska/rocksteady/reggae mailorder empire outa Chi-town, including After Hours and Stingers ATX, both actually on Jump Up! Records. NEW LOLLIPOP this week! Well, not exactly, really an old ’60s-era Lollipop we’ve never heard before this week_ Los Antifaces with Mi Chico Bombon. And there’s still more Lolli hiding out there in the deep, dark recesses of You Tube waiting to be discovered by the RSST… stay tuned!

10/21/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

10/21 in a nutshell…
Annette Funicello’s 1964 cover of Byron Lee’s Jamaica Ska kicks off a hat trick of openers… Jamaica Ska, Rock Steady and Funkey Reggae (the latter featuring Tommy McCook’s Supersonics and Dave Double Barrel Barker, then-future member of The Selecter), followed by one of the most convincingly groovy ’60s Skas ever to be crafted outside JA or the UK_ Mi Nena Ska by Conjunto Habana… from Mexico! Next comes more of the genuine Jamaican article, plus newer international stompers from Blue Beat Players (Japan), Proyecto Secreto (Belgium/Chile) and The Fenicians (Spain). Sherwood sets sail in Hour 2 with a dreamy Terry Hall/Lynval Golding take of 96 Tears that dates to the bustup of The Specials, and for whatever reason never saw official release! Go figure. Later, we finally get around to new stuff by Either/Orchestra and Phil Hawkins… what took us so long??? You’ll be hearing more from these in coming weeks. The first of a 2-part Sisterhood of Japanese Ska gives us the 4:00 4(+3)-in-a-row, and this week’s Lollipop goes to Los Catinos, who deliver the second Bombon in as many weeks. Selecter rarity The Whisper kicks off the rest of the party… Hearty!

10/28/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

10/28 in a nutshell…
RSST lifts The Veil Between The Worlds again for Skalloween. Just check these titles:
The Ghost of the Vox Continental
Devil’s Daffodil
All About My Monster
And that’s just in the first hour! We’ve got vampires, spooks, a giant ape, phantoms, Monica Lewinsky and Munsters! Who could scream for more?