September 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

9/2/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

9/2 in a nutshell… The highlight of the oldies set was a salute to 2Tone, with deep tracks, hits and alternate takes alike, from The Selecter to The Specials to the producer of their debut album, Elvis Costello (but on Columbia, which issued Human Touch on the Get Happy! LP). Sherweird inserted a delightfully bizarre Kev Hopper track into his set, and spiced the rest of the hour up with exotic vibraphones, Latin big bands, (Shiina) Ringo-nalia and jazzy Godzilla composer Masaru Sato. Back on the bridge of the Rocket Ship, the 4@4 dealt with Love In Trouble, the ever-brave Brave Combo gave us a Lolli-Pol-Ska, and Jennifer Davis of St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review was Too Good To Be True. What can I say? She’s cool like dat. So’s the weather these days. Are you feelin’ a change in the air? Brrrrrr! OK, I exaggerate…

9/9/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

9/9 in a nutshell…

Check out the three non-Jamaican ska oldies in the first hour… I even found one from Holland in mixed English/Dutch, and another one’s an Italian entry. The back-to-school-spirited set began with one each by Desmond Dekker and Justin Hinds, Labour for Learning and Teach the Youth. The Specials announced recess with Enjoy Yourself, and Donatella did just that. So did we!
In Sherwood’s Fabulous Flying Party Palace, Benny Velarde was Cool doing the Wobble-Cha, Anna Valentino was On a Tropical Island, and La Lupe had a whale of a Fever! From Bobby Summers’ Pad you could spy The Chantays sailing The Wayward Nile, and Russ Garcia witnessed the Birth Of A Planet! Back on the bridge, the Rocket Ship visited a Ska Zoo, Maria Visconti sang about her Boy Lollipop and Prince Buster took a Trip To Mars. Blast off!

9/16/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

9/16 in a nutshell…
Hot on the heels of blastoff, we had a couple of Top Deckers, then some impossibly rare 45s found on YouTube… and we couldn’t resist reprising the delightful De Blue Blue Beat by (the unfortunately late) Rita Hovink. More 2Tone goodies also figured into Hour 1. The Sherwood’s Planet hour careened from Pram to Perrey/Kingsley to Sauter/Finegan to Dick Schory… all before the first bumper break! In the home stretch, the 4@4 found poor Cozy Little without a theme, resorting to twisting the track knob on a home-burn comp specifically in order to NOT know what song was coming up in the mix next… think of it as Shuffle Mode, and that was the theme! Put3Ska lollipopped, Giuliano Palma looked back over his shoulder, and The Selecter were fronted by a cool blue lady. Weren’t they always? (Well, except for the ‘b’-side of Gangsters, when they weren’t actually a band yet… )

9/23/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

9/23 in a nutshell…
Laurel Aitken’s Lucille (unrelated to the gal Little Richard knew), kicks off an hour lightly sprinkled with debuts ancient and more recent, ending with a rare ska cut by Japanese neo-disco outfit Perfume, making their RSST debut! Sherwood takes off with an epic cut by the late Middle-Eastern surf guitarist Omar Korshid_ well, the word surf scratches the surface (sorry!) of what this guy was capable of, but he could really let the Dick Dale-isms fly! Dale, of course, is Lebanese himself, and surf is one of America’s first world-musics, incorporating blues, rock’n‘roll and Middle Eastern influences galore. Rounding out the set, Jack Fascinato springed, sprang and sprung, Cal Tjader stomped at the Savoy, Shiina Ringo made the rain come down, and Dr. Buzzard marched with the Nignies. Nignies? The 4@4 was another local set, this time involving The Contenders among others, and Maggie Mae popped lollies while Ria Bartok covered a Tracey Dey b-side. Besides… oh, listen and find out for yourself… we’re on the archives!

9/30/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

9/30 in a nutshell:
A fall fundraiser edition first hour made up mostly of freshly-acquired oldies by skartists such as Dennis Sindrey, Bunny Skitter, the Mighty Vikings and a couple of cuts by cats who go by their first initials: C. Hyman, and P. Reid. Full first names unknown… to us at least. In Sherwood’s fab flying party palace, Raymond Scott explores the chipmunk craze jazz style, and UK surf/twang combo The Eagles (early ’60s) perform their The Desperados …I’m not making this up! Later, the Fireballs do the Carioca and Shiina Ringo takes her Foolish Heart to Shibuya. Are ya feelin’ a change in the air? We might see one this weekend… Back on the bridge, we’ve got a ‘cross the pond 4@4, and Ernest Ranglin and Alana Davis gang up on the Lollipop. Some simply splendiferous TSPO action leads to an abbreviated End. 5….. 4…. 3… 2.. 1. Take It Away!