July 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

7/1/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Happy hunting on this week’s safari through the Rhythm of the Blue Beat with the RSST! You’ll hear the sounds of the North Coast when Lon Chaney’s not around. Do the wicked wish for a Devil’s Daffodil?
Dr. Ring-A-Ding stands between ‘em… and that’s just hour 1! Then, we find out in the 2nd hour that vibes can be either golden or silver, Dakhla has an oasis, and dreams have their very own street! Just watch out for those bees from Brazil and you’ll bee fine… In hour 3, a space-themed 4(+2)@4 is followed up by the spliff-themed Colliepop-of-the-week… the only one of its kind! Next time I put together a set like that, Prince Buster’s space program, a.k.a. Ganja Plant is going to figure into the mix somewhere.
Alright, who inhaled?

7/8/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Welcome aboard the Rocket Ship this week, skassengers! Come to the card table. Oooh, look what’s in Hour 1’s hand…
2 pair (Delroy Wilson Slim Smith, right next to Cecil Lloyd Roland Alphonso). Rounding out the hand is Donatella Rettore, ace high, reaching pitches you thought only dogs could hear! Now, what’s Sherwood holding in Hour 2? Woo-hoo, 3-of-a-kind, in the suit of vibes! Arthur Lyman, Lionel Hampton and Gary McFarland, right next to each other. Paul Horn Quintet would have counted for four, if his mallet man Emil Richards had been leading the session instead of flutist Paul. Now back to cheaters Capt. ‘n’ Cozy, seated in the hour 3 chair as well as hour 1. And what do they hold here? 4, no, 5, ah, wouldja believe SIX of a kind?? All shorties clocking in under 2:10 each, including shortest-ever Lollipopper Yvonne Prenosilova
at 1:09! Oops, outta time!

7/15/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Not The Late Late Show, just a week-late show description for 7/15.
First, check out the transition out of In Your Ear, which happened quite accidentally! One of those questions was… backwards gibberish and then into the Rocket Ship theme. I couldn’t have PLANNED that better! Check it on the archives for 7/15, where it debuted. It was followed by the typically splendiferous mix of 1st-generation ska and rocksteady oldies that always make Hour 1 an essential part of the RSST, an all-over-the-map Sherwood B. Funn set ranging from an epic, continental-scale Tin Tin Deo all the way down to a delightful little island of time called Mikan no Kawa… all 18 seconds of it! The 4(+1)@4 was all local stuff involving me in various capacities, and Pily Gaos’ Lollipop was, in fact, an Esquimal. That’s an Eskimo. Brrrrrrrr! Maybe THAT’s why the After Management League had Cold Feet…

7/22/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/22 in a nutshell…
Welcome, skassengers, to another annual Neil Armstrong commemorative Skank On The Moon! As this aired a couple of days past the formal anniversary, we didn’t adhere too strictly to the format this year (Giuliano Palma’s Beatles cover I’ll Get You, f’rinstance), and Sherwood B. Funn spent a good portion of his hour taking us all record shopping (in a bar, yet!) but there’s still enough lunar lunacy here to tide us over until next July’s BIG 4-2 (not to mention My Instro Lollipop… well, actually Marty Gold’s).

7/29/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/29 in a nutshell…
So, like I’m hanging out in a favorite snack stop on my way to the show one night, and I’d swear I’m hearing some old, old ska record over the house PA.
Hmmm… I thought to myself_ …sounds early ’60s, but it doesn’t sound Jamaican, it sounds US… Well, turns out it was US… Gary US Bonds, to be exact! I’m sure I’m not the first to notice the ska-like qualities of Dear Lady Twist, a 1961 Legrand release that kicks the first hour into warp-drive this week. Sherwood slapped a bunch of 45s he bought in a bar
onto a cd, brought it to the show, promptly misplaced it, and established orbit around his Planet to the tune of Lalo Schifrin instead. And then Cal Tjader. And finally, the 45s! Worth the wait… an off-the rails 4(+3)@4 set changed its theme midstream, after the first song to be exact, and also listen for cuts from 2 entirely different cds called the new authentic …and wunnuvem’z this week’s Lollipop!