June 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

6/3/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

To commemorate the fact that KFAI broadcast out of its own Studio One for a short while Tue. night, the first 20 minutes this week were wall-to-wall Studio 1 (label) tracks produced by Clement Coxsone Dodd at his famed Kingston recording facility, housed in a former jazz club that had been known as The End. When The End came to an end, Dodd moved in and the rest is musical history. A requested Inspecter 7 track also made its way into the first hour. Hour 2 saw Sherwood B. Funn debut the new Waitiki 7 release New Sounds of Exotica, while the 4(+2)@4, a random selection of US ska, preceded the original My Boy Lollipop, birthed in New York in 1956 by Barbie Gaye and an ace studio crew for Darl Records, laying out a textbook Blue Beat shuffle years before anybody was calling it that (Other examples would include Fats Domino’s Be My Guest and Rosco Gordon’s No More Doggin’). And that’s Pre-History Of Ska 101 for this week, kiddies!

6/10/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Hour 1 mystery… were The Celestials in fact The Skatalites? All I have to go on is youtubes of a pair of 45s I listened to recently, one, Llans Thelwell his Celestials’ Mughead Ska, on BMN, and the other a Studio 1 45 of The Skatalites’ Dragnet (classic Tuuuummmm-Tadum-tum… intro, but leading into an entirely different tune). Thing is, both recordings are of the exact same track! Fill me in, skassengers! (capt2much yahoo . com) We also observe World Cup fever in hour 1 with what we've learned is a favorite footballing anthem, as performed by the *Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra...* _You'll Never Walk Alone._
Sherwood B. Funn saluted this Sunday's Wave Project J-pop special _and_ a change in the weather (rains are coming down... ) with a pair of *Shiina Ringo* vocals, and delivered exotic goodies from *Arthur Lyman* and *Les Baxter,* and got spacey with a weird pair of *Raymond Scott* gems with his *Secret 7.*
The 4(+2)
4 went Women Of Ska, incorporating Jazz Jamaica All Stars’ big-band Lollipop. Fulla hot lixx!

6/17/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

We knew it was coming, and we kicked the show off this week with Lyn Taitt’s Storm Warning, and threw in Spy Club’s Rainy Days to boot! Heck, Sherwood even joined in with the alternate Shibuya version of the Soil Pimp/Shiina Ringo collab My Foolish Heart (both Earth and Shibuya versions contain that rains are comin’ down… _ lyric, of course)… …the 4(+2)@4 delivered a hot set of Latin-inspired ska this week, and most of hour 3 was covers-heavy, and after all that rain, we wanted to be under ‘em… _aaaahhhhhh…

6/24/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Lotsa running commentary in the first set this week (see June playlists in the Announcements section)! On the other side, a Horror, Suspense and Danger-themed 4@4 and a rocksteady-beat Lollipop, sandwiching everything from space-age pop to Andre Popp to Louis Armstrong (with a bit of snap and crackle) inbetween…
down the hatch!