May 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

5/6/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Welcome to another flight of the Rocket Ship… all abo-o-o-o-oard! This week, our ’60s set culminates in a Big Fight (in THIS corner, real-life onetime boxer and longtime pal of The Greatest, Voice Of The People head honcho PRINCE BUSTER!! And in THAT corner, onetime cop, archrival and later friend of Clement Dodd, and Treasure Isle head honcho DUKE REID!!) The bout takes up one entire side of a Blue Beat 45! Then, it’s all eras of ska with cuts by the Ska-Phonics, Derrick Patsy, Bad Manners, The Nails (newly reished on cd by City Beat!) and The Insteps with King Stitt, with Mobtown rounding off the hour. In hour 2, it’s Marc Ribot and Koop. with a double shot of solar vibes, but the night gets cool when the Coconut wafts outa the PA. Later, both Les Baxter and Cal Tjader Love Paris. The 4@4’s a colorful rainbow of ska_ just check the song titles! After an extended Lolli-lick by Bloodvessel and his merry krewe, it’s King Django back-to-back with King 7,
and before the hour’s up, we get a Party At Ground Zero… KABOOOOMMM!!!

5/13/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

An unusually short opening oldies set this week, morphing after the first bumper break into a Transcontinental (thanks, Nails) global skankdown shindig happening everywhere from Tokyo to New York to London before we arrive across the galaxy at Sherwood’s orbital flying party palace to witness the Birth of a Planet ( Russ Garcia delivering the aforementioned healthy bouncing bundle of mountains, oceans and unstable weather). Later in Hour 2, a Melancholy Baby named Kedaco is born (delivered by Little Tempo. Witnesses include chanting weeds, mad Russians, and a jazz DJ named Garrity, among others, all grooving to the El Ovni Mambo. Hour 3 signals a 4(+2)@4 from Top Deck, most of it reissued on West Side. Ernest Ranglin and Alana Davis double-team this week’s Lollipop-in-reruns, and in place of a request ( Desmond Dekker’s This Woman, which we simply didn’t happen to bring this week; see next week) how about these women?… Shiina Ringo, Chara and The Bodysnatchers! After we pass Orion (and The Busters) on the homestretch, we get a Jump Start from the Forest Hillbillies. Hey, they had the cables… va-rooommm!!!

5/20/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This time ‘round, no sooner does the Rocket Ship clear the launch pad than we honor a request from the previous week that we didn’t have with us at the time… Desmond Dekker’s This Woman. You’ll recall that we did a mini-Ska Women set instead, including a live Bodysnatchers cut. Anyway, Hour 1 also saw Joanne Dennis, The Soulettes, and Mamie Perry (unrelated to Lee Scratch, btw) make appearances. The expansive epic cut BabopbyeYa from the new Janelle Monáe album was one of THE soaring highlights of Hour 2, and more fun(n) was to be had as Russ Garcia musically imagined water creatures from Astra, and vintage sax honkers Tab Smith and Earl Bostic delivered 2 entirely different tunes called Mambolino. ’60s ska from outside Jamaica made up the 4(+2)@4 which incorporated a Lollipop rerun from Brazil by Wanderléa Cardoso with Renato his Blue Caps, and back-to-back Specials and Slackers cuts help us to imagine Mr. Tragedy quite possibly enjoying himself… just not first. It’s later than we think as we have to short-fade SKAndalous’ Lithium cover to make room for The End. At least it’s by the same band… now where’s that pale horse? We’re off!

5/27/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This week, a mostly-instro first hour had two rootsy Count Ossie 45s back-to-back, with 7 duppies right behind ‘em… in addition to a Hunch Back, an Astro ‘Gator and a Ska Bump. Steel Pulse got covered by The Skeletones, and The Skalars Changed Up as well. In hour 2, Sherwood B. Funn took note of the late-May birthdays of Godzilla composers Masaru Sato and Akira Ifukube, complete with Jack Walrath musically observing Godzilla on the Bottom of the Sea. Beth Custer, Arthur Lyman and Señor Coconut also figured into Sherwood’s doings. The 4@4 saw Ska-era Jamaican artists doing things other than ska, Maggie Mae Lollipopped, The Pinstripes Found It, and The Night Sky Turned Blue, as it does in late spring/early summer in the RSST time slot, and Mr. Review’s Rude Visser Shook and Shivered. Brrrrrr!