February 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

2/4/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

A Bob Marley tribute (including mucho cover versions) wound its way through the first hour this week, alongside some recent acquisitions
and old faves. Sherwood kicked it largely old school in hour 2, and after a Ska-Jazz 4@4, a Lollipop under Ernest Ranglin’s name brought back the LOTW! Until further notice, Lolli is in re-runs until we amass a string of fresh versions… including Ranglin’s instro from the ’64 Millie session (out on Trojan this year, so I’ve heard!)

2/11/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Our RSST run-up to Skalentine’s Day has Tommy McCook introducing the night’s proceedings with his rocksteady take on The World Needs Love,
a song called Sock It To Me Baby by no less than The Valentines(!) a Sherwoodian left-turn detour into the love of video game soundtracks (Harry Hosono’s arrangement of Galaga), and a back-on-track SEVEN Lollipops in a row, including three that Ernest Ranglin played on! The Rico/TSPO collab L-O-V-E also gets reprised before the show concludes. That’s amore!

2/18/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This week, we’ve got an opening oldie set peppered with a few more recent acquisitions, a Bob Blank-produced Lydia Lunch swing instrumental and both Kid Creole and Dr. Buzzard in the Sherwood B. Funn hour, and 4 non-Lollipop-related tracks-in-a-row by artists previously featured in the LOTW, as well as a rare girl Lollipop… Brave Combo’s, to be specific. Pol-skaaaaa!!

2/25/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Something special kicks off the oldies set this week, and we really mean Something Special, by Roland Alphonso! Other evergreens include the one by Don Drummond his Evergreens, and a little Ska in the Vienna Woods_ there’s green for ya! Cross over into Sherwood’s joint in hour 2 for some pinball, Yello style! Then hang around for the sounds of Tommy T, The Ventures, New Cool Collective, Sun Ra and more ‘til we ska our way back home to a mix of oldies and relatively-newies including stompers by The Silvertones, The Mexicano, Toots Roots Boots, Smoke Like A Fish and Tracey Dey, as well as some more laid-back ska from The Specials, New York Ska-Jazz, Marty Gold(!) and Bad Manners.