December 2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

12/3/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Lots going on this show, including both Cocktails and Tea For Two! Later, Tom gets Harked by Millie, then Georgie_ Small and Fame, to be exact. Sherwood does some exemplary mixing in hour 2 (especially check out Los Zafiros into Trio Esperança into B. Bumble the Stingers!) The 4(+2) goes off the rails in Hour 3, fresh new talent is discovered in Lolli-land (by Island, no less!) and we wind up with a nice, relaxed ska shuffle set involving A Million Bamboo, Ocean 11 and Alaska (the band, not the state). Brrrrrrrrrr!!!

12/10/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This week’s first hour opens with a set of 4+min. 1st-gen ska oldies, then features Stranger Cole and later Toots and the Maytals doing two different songs called We Shall Overcome, and mixes together 2 very similar Roy Richards/Baba Brooks Band collabs. After an all-over-the-map set in the Voovie Doo Lounge, we get to hear what has become Sherwood’s hour-2 hour-ender (all 18 seconds of it!) and the 4(+1)-at-4 features 2Tone, the era, but not actually the label! Well, the Mr. Review track may be stretching it a little. The Lollipop Of The Week spins its first-ever fictitious animated character, Fizzy, and everything now comes with track times!

12/17/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

We’ve learned that No Doubt has a new 45 out and we don’t have it! But we DO have one of the cuts on it, and it appears in the first hour here, amongst choice works by the likes of The Skatalites, Carlos Malcolm, Millie Small, Intensified, The Selecter and others. In Hour 2… Can an oldie-but-goodie be a mere 10 years old? A jazz-trio-powered nugget from the early days of Shiina Ringo’s pro career kicks off a set of certifiable moldies by everybody from Tab Smith to Earl Bostic to Guy Lombardo, winding up with a merely 11-year-old side by Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited. The 4(+1)-at-4 explores the 2Tone label (including choice non-ska works) and Fizzy returns with a remix of last week’s Lolli. Absolutely ‘F’-ervescent!

12/24/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Skaliday cheer from the RSST to the sounds of Sir Lord Comic, Granville Williams, Prince Buster, Xmas-day birthday boy Pete Rugolo, Louis Armstrong, Sakaguchi Daiichiro, Likkle Mai, The Dualers, Hepcat and more this week! Both the 4@4 and the weekly Lolli take a well-earned vacation day… they’ll be back next week!

12/31/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Decade-ending skankin’ and loungin’ wrap-up of the uh-oh!‘s…
Oldies turned up on comps released in the last 10 years as well as on You Tube which debuted a mere handful of years ago, stuff from this century included trax by Victor Rice, TSPO, Shiina Ringo, Mike Garson, Josh Roseman, Kingston Kitchen and more, and the second non-My Boy Lollipop makes the LOTW this week, and it’s an answer record… giddyup some more!