October 2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

10/1/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This week’s highlights: a first-hour salute to the late Byron Lee’s Dynamic label and its roster of fine ska-tists, the long and short of it on Sherwood’s Planet, and yet another 4(+3)-in-a-row Bucket Hingley (Moon, Ska Satellite, Megalith founder) tribute in anticipation of his band The Toasters’ 10/22 appearance at Triple Rock. Barbie Gibbidyup Gaye’s pioneering Lollypop (see LOTW week 1) gets reprised, just to remind y’all who set the ball rolling back in ’56.

10/8/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The RSST had DJ Special Guest sit in and share his collection of crazy-rare Jamaican ska 45s in a tribute to Blue Beat and Prince Buster which careened into Studio 1, Crystal and other labels by the end of the hour. OMG, I’ve gotta have DJSG make me a few compilations_ he’s got stuff even Google/You Tube doesn’t know exists, and neither did I until I saw these 45s!
Sherwood dropped a bonus track from Sr. Coconut’s El Baile Aleman expanded edition, in addition to some classic Shiina Ringo, Ken Nordine and even Dr. Buzzard, the tunes on the 4(+1) in-a-row had one thing in common_ the in the title, and in honor of Millie Small mere days after her birthday, a live on-air mix of her English and English/German Lollipops made LOTW week 30.

10/15/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This week_ RSST beatmixes the ska for a continuous 20 minutes of nonstop skankin’, then in Sherwood’s Voovie Doo Lounge, we get to hear (among other highlights) Shiina Ringo mixing tap dancing into a cute Latin big band number, and in the 4:00 hour, a set of Japanese ska 45s you can hear on You Tube, and it’s the Jazz Jamaica All Stars with this week’s Lollipop (week 31!) …sweet!

10/22/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The crew mixed a buncha Blue Beat we recently found on You Tube this week (and there’s no end to this stuff!), Sherwood has Funn with his typically wide-ranging space-lounge set, the Cap’n Cozy pay a visit to The Dept. of Ska House’n, and Fatty Bad Manners Bloodvessel busts a live Lollipop. Check it!

10/29/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

It’s Skalloween again, and the Cap’n ‘n’ Cozy lift the veil between the universes because it’s time to get SKA-ry! A great all-oldie-moldie first hour, complete with a she-Dracula, a spider, a fly, and various zombies guaranteed to put the bump in your night! Hour 2 kicks off with the bewitching avant-Gamelanisms of Harry Partch (from The Bewitched) and then careens into everything from voodoo men to Hell’s Bells to King Kong. The 4-at-4 is all mummies, including two back-to-back from the same Bad Manners album, an entirely different flavor of Lollipop this week (not even the same song!), plus vampires, Scooby Doo, and the Werewolves of London a la David Lindley. Aah-WHOOOOOOO!!!