September 2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

9/3/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

In addition to the 1st hour’s traditional ska oldie-a-thon and Sherwood B. Funn’s typically cosmic 2nd hour, get your fix of LIVE in the 4(+2) at 4, plus a genuine, living ‘toon in the Lollipop segment! Ya-ha-ha-ha-hai-hi-hikes!!!

9/10/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The Cap’n Cozy kick this week’s show off in high, if slightly oops-y style with a tribute to Justin Yap’s Top Deck label, which recorded much classic ska at Coxsone’s legendary Studio 1.
Sherwood stretches out with longies by Bobby Sanabria, The Jaztronauts and Stan Getz, and hour 3’s 4-at-4 tribute to Rob Bucket Hingley (Toasters blow into town @ Triple Rock 10/22!) is followed up by Lollipopper Of The Week Maria Visconti, who re-recorded Millie’s massive hit for the TV series Kroniken, and the soundtrack thereto.

9/17/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The second entry in the RSST’s Hour 1 Classic Ska Label series really shoulda been the first, but y’know how it goes sometimes… the 1st shall be 2nd, and the 2nd shall be 1st, or something like that… Anyhoo, this week it’s a salute to C.S. Coxsone Dodd’s Studio 1. Cedric Im Brooks, circa ’73, also turns up in hour 1 covering Don Drummond. Sherwood B. Funn’s likin’ the longies again this week, especially Lee Morgan’s 10mn.+ The Sidewinder, and the 4:00 4(+1)-in-a-row salutes King Django this week. Also enjoy Lollipop Of The Week #27 by label-free UK skiffle-tronic outfit Uncle’s Leg.

9/24/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This week, the soundtrack to Hour 1’s trip across the skalaxy is provided by a collection of sides produced by Arthur Duke Reid, many of which saw release on his Treasure Isle label. Sherwood drops the diamond on some old 12 black wax he brought in, resulting in a short set ranging from Edmundo Ros to Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith to onetime Kenton arranger Johnny Williams. Then he trains his CD laser on the likes of Pete Rugolo, Tom Waits and Stock, Hausen Walkman. Aahh, Funn is indeed good! 4(+2) choice German ska cuts lead off Hour 3, and Lollipopper Of The Week Betka Stankova libis Bob more than 30 years after Yvonne Prenosilova did.