August 2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

8/6/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Back to a not-specifically-themed RSST this week. Among other highlights, a short 2Tone set kicked off by the coming-soon (MN Zoo 8/11) English Beat, Buford O’Sullivan’s The Night Sky’s Turning Blue working its way into Hr. 1, inspired by a bright full moon doing just that to the night sky, a 4:00 4(+3) set of Megalith releases, and a Skallipop by Malaysia’s Gerhana Ska Cinta. Enjoy!

8/13/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

A boogie-heavy oldies set and some Skalphabet Soup in the first hour, a mostly all-new second hour in which Sherwood discovers Etienne Charles (listen for Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe on Mr. Charles’ second spin) and in the 3rd hour, 2 great bands that go great together_ The Specials, The Beat and (the together part) The Special Beat!

8/20/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The RSST debuts of Jamie.T (yup, folks, there’s a period in his name) and Erick Hovey in the first hour, a whole slew (how much is a slew anyway? Exactly twice half a slew! — ) of stuff Sherwood’s had in his collection for years but not gotten around to in Hr. 2, and Part 2 of 2 great bands that go great together and the Youngest-Ever Lollipopper-of-the-Week during the home stretch.

8/27/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Highlights this week_
listen for a tribute to The Lost 2 Tone Era with relatively obscure-but-worthy early-‘80s UK ska from bands entirely independent of the 2Tone record label, or Chrysalis, for that matter. Manila’s finest, Put3Ska contribute this week’s Lollipop Of The Week. And that’s just Hour 3! In hour 2, Sherwood B. Funn drops the needle on a longie from Breaking The Sound Barrier vol. 1 – Percussion and the 1st hour’s oldies set is the typically spectacular mix of vocal and inSKAmental selections that Capt. 2much Freetime is known across the galaxy for… ;-)