May 2014 In Your Ear Archives

5/1/2014 In Your Ear

DJ Cozy Little in for Angie for the next 2 shows… takin’ it global, with Canada’s Jaymz Bee & the Royal Jelly Orchestra, Russia’s The Re-Stoned, Australia’s Kalya Scintilla, Austria’s Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra, Korea’s Peppertones, and Japan’s Momoiro Clover Z… not to mention Howard Roberts, Joni Mitchell, Lydia Lunch, Alan Parsons, Yes, and for openers good ol’ Zappa. Wishyadabest, Angie! See ya soon…

5/8/2014 In Your Ear

dj cozy little subs In Your Ear this week…

It’s the Attack of the “Owl” Bands… and not only that, but the first three are all TC-area acts! The last one’s from Montreal, QB. Toward the end, The Very Idea (with Rebecca Scott in the line-up, who used to host a Monday night rock show on KFAI) capped another local mini-set, following Black Diet, who were in full effect in Powderhorn Park on Mayday, and horn rockers 3 Minute Hero, named after The Selecter’s 2Tone classic. And speaking of 2Tone, we also heard one of Elvis Costello’s contributions to that label, “I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down.” To wrap the show up, we kissed you goodbye with Steam’s unintentional sports anthem “Na Na Hey Hey,” after which it was Rocket Ship time.

5/15/2014 In Your Ear

The Nighthawk enters the Delta Swamp for some Southern Rock and some other tasty tidbits.

5/22/2014 In Your Ear
5/29/2014 In Your Ear

In You Ear is preempted this week for special Turtle Island programming. See you next time!