February 2012 In Your Ear Archives

2/9/2012 In Your Ear

Once again it’s time for “Love Stinks”. Jackson and I played part one on Freewheelin’ and then continued on with the “Love Sick Sweethearts of the Radio”. It’s not what you think…We’re still in love, but both of us are sick right now. The show must go on. Also, thanks to Venus for stopping by to say hello after playing on Live From Studio 5!

2/2/2012 In Your Ear

What a night! We started with Nick and Mark from High On Strees…then we were joined by David Beckey from many different bands (one including Mark). Not too much music, but soo much fun. What was said about Keith Patterson??

2/16/2012 In Your Ear

Travis Ramin of Juvie was guest DJ for the night. So sorry that I am sick for this one. Also thanks to DJ Musically Rich for filling in on such short notice.

2/23/2012 In Your Ear

This week Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy from The Pop Shop sit in for Angie. Hear live sets and local music, plus garage, psychedelic and rock ‘n roll!