November 2011 In Your Ear Archives

11/17/2011 In Your Ear

The record sale is this weekend and here is a sampling of the records and cd’s being offered for sale!

11/24/2011 In Your Ear

Special guests Bubbles and Lars Bickermore have returned to the KFAI airwaves!

11/3/2011 In Your Ear

David Wiley…well you certainly had fun! Thanks, it’s great! You can never go wrong with guitar rock…

11/10/2011 In Your Ear

Itinerant programmers Ron and Jean sat in for Angie on this week’s show, which we tagged Radio Rumpus Room Occupies In Your Ear. Special sets addressed timely social issues such as the first national Emergency Alert System test (which was largely a flop) and the White House’s recent assurance that our government is not in contact with extraterrestials. (We provided recorded evidence to the contrary.) Mojo Nixon proved incredibly prescient as we played his 25-year-old song “I Hate Banks.” And moved by the spirit of the times, we devoted a big chunk of the show to the vintage revolutionary (and extravagantly portrayed) political anthems of Jefferson Airplane and all of founder Paul Kantner’s spinoffs and permutations of same. This is what The Revolution sounds like, BAY-BEE!