February 2010 In Your Ear Archives

2/11/2010 In Your Ear

The darker side of love is being delved into tonight in the 18th Annual Love Stinks show. Jackson Buck joins me tonight for many songs of heartbreak. We have had so many requests that we will be playing more again next week!

2/18/2010 In Your Ear

Love Stinks part 2. We had so many songs and requests that we had to continue on this week!

2/25/2010 In Your Ear

Nicky Hopkins was one of the greatest keyboard players in rock history. He would have been 66 years old today. Unfortunately, we lost him in 1994 at age 50. Way too early.

Jackson Buck and I dedicated tonight’s program to him. This wonderful musician performed on every recording we played….two hours of Nicky Hopkins music. We only scratched the surface of his legacy. I hope you enjoy it.

2/4/2010 In Your Ear

Tonight is all local 7” singles! Jackson Buck joins me in this trip through some of the great local music. I wish only that we could have gotten to more of the stack of vinyl that we had in front of us. What a fun show to do!