April 2014 The Pop Shop Archives

4/1/2014 The Pop Shop

Hijinx are afoot this April Fool’s Day as Spin with Cyn co-opts the Pop Shop. Join Cyn and guest DJ Christian Fritz this week. Like what you hear? Check out Spin with Cyn every Tuesday from 10am to noon here on KFAI. And be sure to catch Liberty Finch & DJ Izzy this week only during Cyn’s timeslot on the archive.

4/8/2014 The Pop Shop

The Pop Shop celebrates its third anniversary with another bubblegum blowout. Also this week: special guest, Rachel Lichtman. Rachel has been immersed in producing and directing a new documentary on songwriting superduo, Boyce & Hart, and their journey from the Brill Building to the Sunset Strip. Rachel talks about her experience delving into Bobby Hart’s personal archive of 8/16mm film, and the premiere screening of The Guys Who Wrote ‘Em at the Chicago International Music and Movies Festival. To learn more about Rachel’s fundraising campaign (music liscensing ain’t cheap), visit the indiegogo site. AND, it’s spring pledge drive this week…….KFAI is encouraging folks to pledge at the Auto Club level. All new and increasing Auto Clubbers will receive matching funds from KFAI’s Booster Club. So much to celebrate! Thanks for supporting Liberty, Izzy and KFAI.

4/15/2014 The Pop Shop

This week it’s the Pop Shop’s annual Bicycle Day celebration—a super psychedelic sonic sensation!

4/22/2014 The Pop Shop

Indomitable deejay Danny Sigelman subs tonight on the Pop Shop. This cat knows his vinyl!

4/29/2014 The Pop Shop

Lots of NEW music this week, including cuts from Dan Wilson, Jeremy Messersmith, Sonny Knight, Thievery Corporation and Ozomotli. Plus, ticket giveaways to Sonny Knight & the Lakers’ CD-release show at First Avenue.