January 2014 The Pop Shop Archives

Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy have returned from their east coast jaunt for the first Pop Shop of 2014. Tonight they pay to the Everly Brothers (RIP, Phil) and fill the airwaves with an abundance of sunshine pop and soft psych.

DJ Izzy’s been waiting months and months for the Ugly Things story on Craig Smith (Chris & Craig). Tonight we hear from this talented songwriter along with tracks from Peachfuzz, the Stampeders, the Stone Roses, the Black Angels and more. Plus, a big birthday shout-out to Steve Butler of Smash Palace!

Liberty Finch celebrates National Popcorn Day with a soundtrack spectacular!

Another frigid night in the Twin Towns won’t stop Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy from opening up the Pop Shop. Tonight it’s more movie music, featuring tracks from the Coen Brothers, Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino films, plus Grammy-inspired sets. We’re up all night to play music!