November 2013 The Pop Shop Archives

11/5/2013 The Pop Shop

This week it’s birthday spins for Gram Parsons, Art Garfunkel, Peter Noone, Ike Turner and Ryan Adams. Local gals Germaine Gemberling and Barbara Jean. A surprise treat from Secret Stash Records. And new music from La Luz.

11/12/2013 The Pop Shop

Tonight’s show is in the hands of the master: DJ Izzy manages a solo stint filled with listener requests, bday cuts and FM classics to take you through the night.

11/19/2013 The Pop Shop

Liberty’s on location; Izzy’s minding the store. The show must go on!

11/26/2013 The Pop Shop

DJ Izzy’s running the board again this week, but Liberty Finch phones in a West Coast report from sunny southern California!