October 2013 The Pop Shop Archives

At the stroke of midnight the U.S. government officially shut down, but the Pop Shop’s open for business. Music unites; listen.

A listener requests prompts a full-on “Rushmore” super set, followed by gritty garage nuggets and sensational surf sounds.

Kickin’ off this fall pledge drive with some listener requests, including Quicksilver Messenger Service and Neil Diamond. Plus a super set of Muscle Shoals recordings, featuring Arthur Alexander, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Candi Staton, Wilson Pickett and more. Check out the recently released Muscles Shoals documentary film.

It’s a special fall pledge drive edition of the Pop Shop, with studio guest Mike Ciresi. This year KFAI is celebrating 35 years as the Twin Cities premier community radio station. Keep us on the air by making a contribution today! Thanks to everyone for supporting KFAI and the Pop Shop!

HUGE THANKS to everyone who donated to the Pop Shop and KFAI during the fall pledge drive! We exceeded our goal of $80,000! This is week it’s back to the business of music, with a Lou Reed double shot, some “spooky” tunes and doubles from 1-2am. Bottoms up!