February 2013 The Pop Shop Archives

February is Black History Month AND National Bird-Feeding Month?! Tonight we spotlight Bootsy Collins and spin a few for our fine-feathered friends. Plus, we’ll celebrate birthdays for Alice Cooper and Corey Wells (Three Dog Night), and pay tribute to Reg Presley of the Troggs. And we’ll hear the Grammy nominees for Best New Artist, 1977.

Love is in the air……from puppy crushes and unrequited yearnings, to the real deal: it’s Pop Shop love song. Plus Ms.Sharon Jones week’s featured artist for Black History Month And coming up on Feb 19: KFAI celebrates BHM with a special day of programming.

Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy kick off KFAI’s special day of programming for Black History Month with two hours of Funk, Soul and R&B. It’s less rock, and more ROLL! Tracks from Secret Stash, Blaxploitation, the Philadelphia Sound, Motown and more.

Ushering out Black History Month 2013 in style with a little Blaxploitation, Capsoul Records, psych soul and more!