December 2012 The Pop Shop Archives

It’s a Pop Shop’s dance party! Garage, pop, novelty and 50s and 60s dance tracks…….and this is just Part I! Next week the dance party continues into the 70s with disco and Latin fusion. Shake yer booty! Do the Twist, the Mashed Potato, the Jerk……Bounce, Shake, Shimmy and Skate. Big thanks to Old School Bob, from Fused Funk, for his contributions to tonight’s playlist.

The dance party continues…….this week with DJ Izzy at the helm and gettin’ funky! Sly & the Family Stone, King Floyd, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, the Jackson 5 and more. Do the Boogaloo, the Clam and the Freddie. Kickin’ off the show with an ELO request from Bjorn. C’mon now, ride yer pony!

Guests David Ronald Beckey (Autumn Leaves, the Ramblers) and Jennie Kalpin (Luke’s Angels) provide the soundtrack to tonight’s show. Live performances and a crate full of records!

Merry Christmas! Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy celebrate the season during the first half of the Pop Shop, then guest DJs Elena and friends spin oddities for the next hour. Happy Holidays!