September 2012 The Pop Shop Archives

DJ Izzy hosts a special Pop Shop tribute to lyricist Hal David.

This week: new music by Cliff Hillis, Katy Vernon, Soul Asylum and the Grande Machine recent vinyl acquisitions; and bday spins for Danny Hutton (Three Dog Night), Bob Segarini (huh? listen and learn) and Pamela Des Barres, featuring music by the (in)famous GTOs, as well as Miss Pamela’s, uh, multiple musical “conquests.” All that plus a killer soft-psych set…..don’t miss it!

Celebrating the prolific career of writer, producer, performer PF Sloan. Plus, a slew of 45s, a sexy Secret Stash set, and ticket giveaways to “Harriet Brewing’s”: Rauckfest.

DJ Izzy’s powerpop spectacular!