July 2012 The Pop Shop Archives

7/3/2012 The Pop Shop

It’s “High Fidelity” tonight on the Pop Shop, as Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy welcome guest Dave Biljan—owner of the Flip Side/Crackpot Records—with a surprise appearance by John Eller. Music, stories and a mini recap of the Milwaukee road trip to see the Beach Boys 50th anniversary reunion tour.

7/10/2012 The Pop Shop

It’s no joke! This week the Pop Shop hears from the drummers: Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Chris Mars, Micky Dolenz, Debbi Peterson and more! Plus, ticket giveaways to the Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Festival.

7/17/2012 The Pop Shop

Guest host Dave Hoenack from Hymie’s Vintage Records returns to celebrate Apollo 11 and man’s first voyage to the moon…

7/24/2012 The Pop Shop
7/31/2012 The Pop Shop