November 2010 The Pop Shop Archives

11/3/2010 Northern Voices

Scottish and Danish guitarists, outdoor recordings, progressive arrangements from Sweden and Finland….closing with a rowdy Danish rock set.

11/10/2010 Northern Voices

Tonights picks range from Finland to Shetland, from Jutland to Scotland, from Norway to Russia….primarily fiddle music with vocal interludes by Kerstin Blodig.

11/17/2010 Northern Voices

Dean Johnson hosts in Dick’s absence. The program features recordings of jazz from Scadinavia.

11/24/2010 Northern Voices

Tonight we feature the voices part of Northern Voices. Rosenbergs 7, Kongero, Tiriltunga, the Real Group, Røyst, Amanda and the Rilke Ensemble offer a program from classical to folk with classic jazz/swing and modern improv on folk themes. To this we add some harmonica and a bit of live diatonic accordion, finishing off with a Thanksgiving thank you with solid old-time tunes from former program host Helge Lamo.