September 2010 The Pop Shop Archives

9/1/2010 Northern Voices

Finnish-American mandolinist and tango guru Ralph Tutilla joins us in studio with his musical picks. Part two is the regular headphone section of outstanding selections both ethereal and visceral. We close with new classical music from Mats Eden…..his String Quartet Number One featuring the Cikada Quartet.

9/8/2010 Northern Voices

Featured tonight: Fiddle duos. The basic group for classic settings of Scandinavian instrumentals. A few good vocals to start out and a 15 minute closing set from Mats Eden, Jienat and Ulla Pirtijärvi.

9/15/2010 Northern Voices

A trip to the Highlands…..the Lowlands….the Emerald Isle….as well as our regular Scandinavian sources beginning with some selections chosen for us by local musicienne extrordinaire Laure MacKenzie. So wear some plaid and listen up…..

9/22/2010 Northern Voices

An evening in Denmark.

9/29/2010 Northern Voices

Some big band sounds, accordions and then songs from Iceland, Norway and Latvia.