July 2010 The Pop Shop Archives

7/7/2010 Northern Voices

Picks to click from Swedish soundguy Hasse Queisser, a one hour program from Danish musician/producer Morten Alfred Høirup and some favorites from Mr Johnson to wrap up.

7/14/2010 Northern Voices

Balalaikas, Gypsies and Jazz. Live Russian music from the Atlanta Balalaika Society Ensemble who are in town for the BDAA (Balalaika and Domra Association of America) annual convention. Along with nearly 100 associates including the Twin Cities own St Marys Balalaikas (conventin hosts), they will give a grand concert entitled Festival of Russian Music this Saturday, July 17th, 7 PM at the Ted Mann concert hall at the University of MN. For tickets: 651-329-5477. Also check out their website at: www.bdaa.com

7/21/2010 Northern Voices

Josefina Östling, young traditional singer from Jämtland in North Central Sweden, joins us in studio for an evening of conversation and song. Tak, Josefina.

7/28/2010 Northern Voices

Songs of summer, midsommar and the sun followed by another headphone hour of exceptional performances and exceptional recording technique. Stunning sounds to send you off to dreamland…….