June 2010 The Pop Shop Archives

6/2/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Tonight we welcome local Danish group Ballade to the studio. Don’t forget Danish Day this coming Sunday at the Danish American Center, E Lake St and W River Road from 10AM until the cows come hjem.

6/9/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Geitungen (little goats) frolic in the studio and live on the air. The Norwegian trio of Vidar Skrede, Olav Christer Rossebø and Håvard Ims share their stories and music with us on their way to the annual Nisswa Stamman in the Brainerd Lakes area. Takk for besøk!!!! www.geitungen.no

6/16/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Dean Johnson sits in for Dick Rees. The program includes folk music celebrating Mid-Summer.

6/23/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Time passes, things change and we return to the air-waves in an expanded, two hour program called Northern Voices. Tonight we bid farewell to the ScanCultHr with selections from new voices from Scandinavia.

6/30/2010 Northern Voices

Tonight we embark on an epic journey, leaving behind the SCH homeland of the last 28 years and sailing off in search of new territory over the Western horizon. So pull up a bench, grab an oar and pull for all you’re worth. We’ll provide plenty of sounds to ease your passage.