May 2010 The Pop Shop Archives

5/5/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Klarinett. The ubiquitous licorice stick and the juicy bass clarinet as used in Scandinavia. Anything but doodle-doodle-doodle-det.

5/12/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

A quick trip around Norway in anticipation of Syttende Mai…..Norwegian Constitution Day…..the 17th of May. Check out the festivities at Mindekirken (Norwegian Memorial Lutheran Church) by calling 612-874-0716.

5/19/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Farvel Norge, hej Danmark!!!!!! Echoes of Syttende Mai and a spate of Danish tunes to herald Danish Day 2010. As usual the celebration will take place the first Sunday in June. Happening at the Danish Center, E Lake St and W River Road beginning at 10AM. All are welcome.

5/26/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Danish musicians, both native and immigrant citizens, offer up a smorgasbord of world music from Celtic to klezmer and more…….