October 2009 The Pop Shop Archives

10/7/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Hosts Dick and Dean are joined in the studio tonight by 3 Danes and an Icelander: Krauka. These outstanding individual musicians make up a quartet which draws on ancient themes and traditions as inspiration for a musical quest into a realm of artistic expression which echoes folk, classical, jazz and ambient sound. Tonight we hear from them individually in the studio and as a group in selections from their latest CD release Odinn.

10/14/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Selections (mostly) from around the Arctic circle…..the North of the North. Plus live and pre-recorded selections from Leif Erikson Festival participants.

10/21/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

It’s polka night!!! A-one and a-two and a-you know what to do!!!

10/28/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Following the music from MN back to Sweden, then back a few centuries. A one hour journey to the roots of the roots.