February 2009 The Pop Shop Archives

2/4/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

More fresh music direct from Denmark courtesy of Erling Olsen and GO’ Danish Fok Music (see posted link). The pipeline has opened and we’re receiving a steady stream of great stuff. Takk, Erling!!!

2/11/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

A second week of Danish music. ‘Nuff said.

2/18/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Our annual trip to Røros for the winter Martna street market and festival. Tonight we feature Glåmos Spellmannslag in recordings spanning the last 40 years as well as numbers from top band Dalakopa.

2/25/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Vendors up and down the streets, cafes and coffee houses filled all day and all night and not a room to be had…..except maybe a spare bed in the house of a friend. Martna’n på Røros. A week of celebration every year for hundreds of years. Here is an program of great dance music to warm things up a bit.