June 2011 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

6/7/2011 Bonjour Minnesota

Tonight’s program commemorates D Day, the invasion of Europe on the beaches of Normandy, France by the Allies which would lead to the eventual defeat of the Nazis and the Axis during

6/14/2011 Bonjour Minnesota

Tonight’s guest is Nathalie Joly who will speak about the International Institute’s upcoming gala, which will have a French theme.

6/21/2011 Bonjour Minnesota

Tonight, there is an all-music program. First, some music about summer: the sun, biking, flowers and gardens. Then, we’ll hear a mixture of old and new from artists from France and various French-speaking countries.

6/28/2011 Bonjour Minnesota

It’s an all-music program tonight, featuring historic songs from 1910 plus a collection of songs across the ages with the theme of summer.