February 2016 Global Beat Archives

An annual Ash Wednesday Carnival Jump up with sounds from Lafayette & New Orleans, Louisiana.  Also sounds of a soulful cross Canada jaunt by folk & blues musicians such as Eric Bibb, Wilson Pickett, & Linda Tillery followed by songs from Mali, Mauritania and more !!  All ending up this episode with Brasilian vocalist Badi Assad performing in town at the Dakota as part of a Carnaval presentation this week coming up.

Taking off from last week's episode I am back in New Orleans with some brass sounds to open up today's program.  Then I launch a reggae blend into a taste of Cuba, setting the stage for the opening of this year's Cuban Film Festival starting next week at St. Anthony Main.

Today's program starts off in Hawai'i – ukulele, slack key & hula from some classic voices of the 50th State of the Union.  Then I pay respect to First Nation Artist Annie Humphrey with 2 tracks from her early release "The Heron Smiled", including guest – John Trudell !  This is followed by European female vocalist Savina Yannatou and a Georgian traditional folk group who were in town recently sharing their centuries-old music.  In the second hour I speak with Franklin Curbelo of the MN.