January 2016 Global Beat Archives

Dale Loomer visits the studio in the guest host chair, for another tour of favorite tracks, to start the new year off right ! 

In honor of my father who recently passed away I brought in some of his long playing records to feature some favorite singers from a previous era.  Still great music from the archives of America.  I also sent out some tributes to other recently deceased friends, including a set of musical politic-poetry from indigenous activist recently deceased, John Trudell. 

Two recent releases from West Africa open the program today.  Then I jump to Hawaii for a MN artist's traditional music supported in part by the MN State Arts Board.  Then its a stroll down memory lane… with some spirituals & pop songs by male vocalists from the 50's & 60's – Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jimmie Rodgers, & The Mills Brothers.  More soulful tunes fill out the program with performances by the Neville Brothers, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, and closing out with a few Duke Ellington Orchestra instrumentals.