August 2015 Global Beat Archives

Three Reggae Dylan tracks opens "Global Beat" today, followed by some old Franti & Spearhead Live tracks.  Then we go into some Latin American history from R. Blades & Caetano V.  Those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it, I've heard said. 

Doug is out and about — enjoying himself… so Jumondeh Tweh steps up — and fills the airwaves with his own special blend

Today's program includes two guests – the first hour features a young Parisian woman, Helen sharing some of her current favorites with the Minnesota crowd.  In the second hour, Franklin Curbelo speaks of a special benefit for Cuban medical supplies coming up in south Minneapolis, on Sat. August 29 at the DuNord Distillery, in south Mpls.  More info to come on this – here – in the near future. 

From jazz to blues – from Africa to Italy; then on to Greece and the middle east via Canada — winding it all up with a women's son ensemble from Cuba.  Another world-wind spin across the planet.  Today's program opens with "A Night in Tunisia", in a smooth vinyl sound from early Hugh Masekela, joined on one track by Herb Alpert, on the Makeba classic, "Ring Bell".  Two hours of unique blended sounds of a multi-culti synthesis.