July 2014 Global Beat Archives

7/2/2014 Global Beat

Lots of Cuba today ! From two Buena Vista Club All Stars to two new groups, one playing at the Dakota this evening. After that set, two songs from the Chicha Libre cd “Sonido Amazonico”, just in town last weekend at the Cedar. Viva La Independencia !

7/9/2014 Global Beat

Opening the show with the Budos Band, and offered tickets to their show at the Fine Line Thursday evening, tying them into the Afrobeat sound from W. African elders.

7/16/2014 Global Beat

A special segment in today's first hour with local musician Sarah Larsson of the Nightingale Trio, featuring a range of Balkan & Slavic vocal harmonies – her group will be performing the weeken

7/23/2014 Global Beat