June 2010 Global Beat Archives

6/2/2010 Global Beat

Latin Dance music of Grupo Fantasma Chico Trujillo coming to the Cedar, June 10. On to Espana France towards the end of the program off the Putumayo label collections.

6/9/2010 Global Beat

Opening with some classical Arabian sounds then moving onto No. African ensemble Tinariwen coming next week to the Cedar then more Latin dance from Grupo Fantasma Chico Trujillo.

6/16/2010 Global Beat

A little World Cup overview thru musical intros to competing countries of So. America – including Argentina from whence comes Juana Molina returning to the Walker soon.

6/23/2010 Global Beat

Dobet Gnahore’ comes to the Cedar Wed. July 7th. And a little Musica Italiana, for a change.

6/30/2010 Global Beat

New time slot opens with a review of music from World Cup quarterfinalists, Brasil, Ghana, Spain, and Argentina. All but one of them; eliminated over the weekend.