April 2009 Global Beat Archives

4/1/2009 Global Beat

A shuffle program… starting with South African jazz guitarist Philip Tabane Malombo.

4/8/2009 Global Beat

Brad Wrolstad, guest host

4/15/2009 Global Beat

Pledge show #1 includes tail end of Democracy Now! on Pacifica’s 60th birthday; Taxman on Tax Day – Don Olson visits and then Shashi from Sangam ! Pledge your support to KFAI’s 31st yr. !

4/22/2009 Global Beat

Joined by Brad Wrolstad in week #2 of pledge drive… on EARTH Day to boot ! Lots of reasons to support KFAI… good music too!

4/29/2009 Global Beat

Women’s voices from around the globe open today’s program followed by Hugh Masekela (turning 70) and the great Duke Ellington (his 110th birthday deserves notice). Upcoming concerts this Sunday with Leonard Cohen and Dobet Gnahore and a tune from the new Bob Dylan as well.