July 2012 Tuesday's Spoken Word Archives

07/03/12  In recognition of our very hot summer, Charles reads "The Girls In Their Summer Dresses", a story taking place in Greenwich Village, about a couple in a very tenuous marriage.  The story is written by Irwin Shaw (1913-1984), a prolific screen writer, novelist and short story writer.  Beryl reads "You Make Me Mad"  by American writer Paul Theroux (1941-  ).  The story, a "tongue-in-cheek" version of a husband's desire to leave his marriage, using rather violent methods, takes place in Singapore.  Theroux, a writer of travel fiction and his own travels in the far east, began his jou

07/10/2012  Beryl is hosting it alone today.  She reads two pieces by James Thurber (1894-1961), American writer best known for his acerbic wit as a cartoonist and author of short stories and "fables".  Beryl reads the short story "The Catbird Seat" and ends the half-hour with the fable "The Moth and the Star".

07/17/2012   Beryl and Charles share the reading of "The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian".  The story, a translation from the Spanish, is written by Juan Bosch (1909-2001), short story writer, historian, politician, essayist, born in San Juan, Dominican Republic.  He was the first democratically and legitimately elected president of the Dominican Republic.  His stories as are those by other well-known Latin American writers, e.g., Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) of Argentina, are examples of "Magic Realism".  This genre can be defined as a style of painting and literature in which fantastic or i

07/24/2012  Charles reads "Mr. Nab", one of the few short stories translated into English from Hungarian by Hungarian writer and playwright Ferenc Molnar (1878-1952).  Molnar's best known play is "Liliom", from which the musical "Carousel" is derived.  Beryl reads the short story "Other People" by American writer Henry H. Roth (1906-1995).   

07/31/2012  Both stories today are food related.  Charles reads "The Champ" by T. Coreghessan Boyle, a story vividly describing a ten-round eating match between two champions – the choice of food in each round alternating between the preferences of the two.  Beryl reads "A Couple of Hamburgers" by James Thurber.  In this story, a couple has been driving for some distance when the husband insists that they stop at a diner for a hamburger.