August 2016 Echo Chamber Archives

A special all-Yard episode of the EC this week, a belated post-Jamaican Independence Day celebration complete with a ska-boogie set straight outa the pre-Skatalites ska-boogie era, which is to say centered in and around 1962! Laurel Aitken (with a certain Hyacinth alongside him),  Cecil Lloyd, Roland Alphonso (with and without Cecil), Prince Buster and Owen Gray all turn up…  oh, and also some cat named Lee Perry, in town with Subatomic Sound System at the Cedar Wed. night (Aug.

Quite a show tonight!  Brand new tunes from Gary "Nesta" Pine, Dubblestandart, Clinton Fearon, Max Romeo, Dubby Doo & Hugh Mundell Jr., and more! Plus David Asher of THE PROCESS did a live phone-in radio interview and sent us a special album mini-mix to air, and more PROCESS tunes were in the mix. And joining David, DJ Baby Swiss and I on the air, we had African Fireman and DJ Diamond One in the house too!  (Catch African Fireman, DJ Diamond One, Ru Bwoy O and more 9/9 @ Mama Africa in St. Paul!).

After the half:  welcome to the Echo Chamber Dub Zoological Gardens! Running around free in our cavernous, reverbanaceous pens, you'll meet an Iguana, a Fat Mouse, two Bears, a Condor and an Eagle, a flying Monkey, a Fuzzy Mammoth, a Fat Panther, a Balmy Tiger…  OH, MY!! Wait, where'd our Lion go?  Oh, next week for that guy. Just don't miss The Widdler's Froggy! Oh, and is THAT a bacteria the size of a fish?  Or is it an actual salmon named Ella??