July 2011 ECHO CHAMBER Archives

7/6/2011 Echo Chamber

This week’s Chamber debuted Zion Dirty Sound’s “Celebrity Fever”, a new Dub Tentacles Vol. 3 compilation, a Beats International/Lily Allen mashup by Jejah and See-I’s self-titled release on Fort Knox. Pressure Sounds turned up in the mix with some reissued classic Lee Perry and Augustus Pablo productions, and upcoming Bayfront performers Steel Pulse and Taj Weekes figured into the proceedings, as well as the hypnotizing, organically chilled groove of Tinariwen.

7/13/2011 Echo Chamber

Tonight we debuted the excellent new Durban Chamber album from Dubsalon; some heavy Alpha Steppa dubplates; and a very cool new EP from Andreia Dacal (on Fresh Poulp). On top of this we featured The Dub Zone Mix #102 “4 Corners of Dub”, and highlighted some of the artists at the 2011 Bayfront Reggae and World Music Fest – including Nkulee Dube, Taj Weekes & Adowa, and Steel Pulse. Finally, in the final hour DJ Baby Swiss put together a fun all-Japan mix featuring: Tsuyoshi Kawakami & his Moodmakers, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Sugar Plant, Perfume, Mantis, Haruomi Hosono, Capsule, and Flare (a.k.a. Ken Ishii).

7/20/2011 Echo Chamber

Tonight we blasted off on our annual special entitled “Lunar Lunacy: One Giant Leap for Dubkind” commemoratrating the 1st moon landing July 20, 1969. From the “Dub Side of the Moon” album, to a couple versions of “Walking on the Moon” we travelled to the outer reaches of the known universe…in search of dub and other space funk.

7/27/2011 Echo Chamber

Another week crammed full of excellent new dubwise & rootical music. From Juakali’s Dreadbass Soundsystem, to Dub Vision’s “Counter Attack”, to Mista Majah P’s Tolerance, to Asante Amen’s “Over the Years”, to Mystica Tribe’s “Meditation Stick”. And that was just the first course…