March 2011 ECHO CHAMBER Archives

3/2/2011 Echo Chamber

Once again a ton of new stuff on the Echo Chamber including: the new “Joy of Life” EP from Kibir La Amlak the timely “New Dub Evolution” album from Himperial Rockers (from which we pulled “Mubarak Fall Dub”); the excellent Life Still Nice remix album from Kukan Dub Lagan; and the “Taste It Right” album from Tiburk Sound System. Also, brand new tracks from The Technician, Citizen Sound/Wrong Tom, Tony Dubshot, Eating Betty, JStar, and more…

3/9/2011 Echo Chamber

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and National Women’s History Month, the Echo Chamber presented its annual “Beautiful Sounds of Women…Around the World” special. And what a varied list of
women singers & players we had on this year’s show…

3/16/2011 Echo Chamber

This week we covered a lot of bases in the Echo Chamber: sending our heart out to Japan with music by a number of Japanese artists; getting to some women artists we missed last week; and just playing the newest stuff. Also, we debuted a new segment called “Roots of Dub”, where we go back in the roots & dub archive for a full set.

3/23/2011 Echo Chamber

Tonight we debuted the release of the new Easy Star All-Stars First Light album (with an Easy Star set); celebrated Lee “Scratch” Perry’s birthday (3/21) with a Scratch set; and included a bunch more new music…

3/30/2011 Echo Chamber

Tonight the Echo Chamber once again embarked on a “Magic Dub Carpet Ride”: a musical journey to the Middle East, N.Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. So load up your hookah & join our dubwise ride from Cairo to Tehran…from Rajasthan to Jerusalem…from New Delhi to Marrakesh.