October 2010 ECHO CHAMBER Archives

10/27/2010 Echo Chamber

All the ghouls, goblins, and dreads gathered with Dr. Seaton, Dr. StrangeDub, and DJ Baby Swiss in the Echo Chamber of Horrors! The good doctors of DUB cooked up quite a dark treat for their annual Halloween show. The scene was set with the spine tingling creepiness of Raz Mesinai’s “The Unspeakable” album and soundbytes from the movies “Dracula”, “Frankenstein”, and “Young Frankenstein”, and from radio theater pieces including the “Fugue in C Minor” featuring Vincent Price. With track titles like “Wicked Insane Evil Dub”, “Digging a Watery Grave”, “Ghost Town”, “Vampires and Informers”,“Dub House of Horrors”, “Catch Vampire Dub”, “Are You Monster?”, “Grave Robbers from Outer Space”, “Evildoers Stamp’d Out in Dub”, and “Iron Devil”, and with artists like Monster X, Omars Attacks, and Mad Professor, you gotta believe it was the night of the living Dread…in the Echo Chamber of Horrors.

10/20/2010 Echo Chamber

Tonight we debuted the excellent new ROIR release from Darryl Jenifer (bassist of Bad Brains) called In Search of Black Judas. This post-apocalyptic, subterranean dub album would be in good company with the best productions from Adrian Sherwood, the Wordsound collective, and DJ Spooky at his dubbiest. Other new releases included the rootical “Heart So Cold” from the Reggae Bubblers, as well as new stuff from Clinton Fearon, Victoria Moralez (the cool “Keep On Moving”), Mojo Morgan (“Million $ Check”), Missin Red, Chico Mann, and Lionyard.

10/13/2010 Echo Chamber

Another stream of conscious new dubwise music… Starting off with “Steve Steppa meets Samson Inna Brass Echo Chamber” (on Springline) and “Heart So Cold” from the Reggae Bubblers (on Yaba Pot). Added to this was the new single “United” from Sylford Walker and McPullish (on Charlie’s). Also excellent new music from Madtone, Victoria Moralez, Purdy, MrKnice, Missin Red, Gappy Ranks, The Orb (with David Gilmour), and Beats Antique. Finally…the “15 Years… on a Dubmission” compilation (on Dubmission).

10/6/2010 Echo Chamber

It was a crazy kind of night….in a cloud of ganja smoke…in the ol’ Echo Chamber. OK…OK, so there wasn’t really any ganja smoke in the studio (too bad), just plenty of herb-inspired reggae and dub, with some great soundbytes from “Reefer Madness”. Dr. StrangeDub and Baby Swiss relaxed and kicked back and presented the annual Echo Chamber “Free the Marijuana” special. The show was part of KFAI-FM’s biannual pledge drive…and was in support of Proposition 19 in California. Legalize it!