July 2010 ECHO CHAMBER Archives

7/28/2010 Echo Chamber

What a fun summer show… Great new stuff from 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Dubsalon, Dublicator, Dubness, Dr. Ongo Mala, and others. Plus the first half of a choice mix from Emch of Subatomic Sound (and courtesy of Terry C at Echo Beach – WLUW-FM).

7/21/2010 Echo Chamber

Tonight we blasted off into space on a summer “Lunar Lunatics” special…commemorating the first moon landing 7/20/1969. This part of the show was planned. What wasn’t planned until days before was that we would also be doing a tribute to the late Lincoln “Sugar” Minott. Sadly, Sugar passed away at the young age of 54 on July 10th. This dubwise trip to the moon, and the far reaches of space is dedicated to the memory of the great Sugar Minott.

7/14/2010 Echo Chamber

A lot of great sounds tonight…including 2 new EPs from Secret Archives of the Vatican a dubwise summer mix (“Dubble Trubble from Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory); the soundtrack from Eric Hilton’s new film Babylon Central; and a couple of Michael Rose selections to commemorate his appearance at the 5th annual Bayfront Reggae Festival.

7/7/2010 Echo Chamber

Another eclectic summer show mixing up old and new. New releases from Uptown Rebel, DJ Delay, Manutension, Aram Scaram/Citizen Sound, ElectroDubCompany, Dub Engine, The Blackstarliners, and the Nikki O’Neill Band. Also, the new compilation “In the Garden of Dub” (on the Positive Vibes netlabel). On top of this we featured a special mix from Dubsalon from Argentina (originally aired on “Echo Beach” at WLUW-FM).