May 2010 ECHO CHAMBER Archives

5/26/2010 Echo Chamber

Mixing it up as usual in the Echo Chamber with tons of new stuff… The new releases included material from Ganga (on the Nootempo label); Dr. Echo & the Defendants; the Dubbhism projects Baldhead Voodoo Plan and D.E.A.D.; Richard & I; Citizen Sound; Chico Trujillo (on Barbes); Isiah Mentor (from the “Dennis Brown Tribute – V.2”); the Black Exorcist; and two selections from the “Revolutionary Dub Vibrations Chap. 2” compilation.

5/19/2010 Echo Chamber

A ton of heavy new dub…and other fun new things this week. The biggest, heaviest new dub arrived in the form of Dr. Echo’s new dub album attributed to his former group The Defendants. Also excellent new rootical vibes from The Manor, Kabir La Amlak, Winston Jarrett, Tony Dubshot, Citizen Sound (with the Rise Ashen remix of “Trouble”), and a number of artists on the new compilations “Italian Dub Community – Showcase Vol. 2” and “Revolutionary Dub Vibrations – Chap. 2”

5/12/2010 Echo Chamber

Starting things off with some high-voltage new dubs from Tony Dubshot, followed by the excellent “Book of Psalms” from Kibir La Amlak, and “French Connection” from Perfect, this was one heavy show…

5/5/2010 Echo Chamber

Another eclectix mix of new and old inna Echo Chamber. The new compilation “Revolutionary Dub Vibrations – Chap. 2” ( started things off…and was followed by new releases from Richard & I, The Manor (on Springline), Andreia Dacal, Very Be Careful (on Barbes), Sista Mika, Madtone, and Babylon Saints.