March 2016 Modern Kicks Archives

A special Super Tuesday edition of the program as we unveil our campaign of garage rock and power pop hits — including new songs by Marvelous Mark, Gymshorts, Big Ups, Scraper, Surf Harp, & more!!  Plus, a small amount of election coverage  Like, a pinch.

A super special edition of the program as we celebrate Women’s History Month with our annual all-female show! Two hours of lady-centric garage rock and power pop + music by Summer Cannibals, Bleached, The Courettes, The Coathangers, The Orielles & more!

Sean plays catch-up with an assortment of songs that, for whatever reason, he has not had a chance to play this year — including some excellent stuff from Witching Waves, Ghost King, Wet Ones, The Grinning Ghosts, Shark To

Sean makes an accidental stunning revelation as he makes the case for independent, community radio by bringing you a generous selection of garage rock and power pop — including some great new tracks from Kitten Forever, Tancred, Mo Troper & The Assumptions, Kids in heat, GINO and the GOONS & more!