February 2012 Modern Kicks Archives

2/22/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Ron (formerly of Radio Rumpus Room) was privileged to sit in for Abbi tonight. This was a special edition called “Dart Gun Radio Is Turning Japanese,” with all artists heralding from the island of Nippon.

Portions of this program were broadcast in English.

2/15/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Sean Hansen subs and aces it. Aces it

2/1/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Good to be back after 2 weeks of illness – check on 2 man advantage, Jeff and the Brotherhood, the Nails, Pidgeon, Xmal Deutschland, Birthday Party, Solex vs. Cristina M., Psychadelic Fuds, Dj Shaddow, John Spenser, and more

2/8/2012 Dart Gun Radio

KAB, Neverever, Duane the Teenage…., Brother Ali, Sir Mix a Lot, Skoal Kodiak, Gay Witch Abortion, Gang of Four, Faith No more, Billy Boy on Poison, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Bush Tetras, Articles of Faith, Blitz, Sonic Avenues, Kid Cudi, Book of Knots, Brilliant Colors, Ginny Arnell, Greenhorns, Boomtown Rats, Q. Lazzarus, Young Magic, Black Bells, Errors, the Lovely bad things and MORE

2/29/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Back from the dead – mostly. But it was a good set. Kylesa, Crisis, Cows, Black Bells, Naked Raygun, Lovely Bad things, Detroit Cobras, Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon, Ex-Girlfriend’s Club, Little Richard, Billy lee Riley, Speech Debelle, Terry Malts, Means, Bare Wires, Touch people, Gay Witch Abortion, Duane the Teenage Weirdo, Sin 34, Sonic Avenues… and more