January 2012 Modern Kicks Archives

1/25/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Ron and Jean, former inmates of the Radio Rumpus Room, sat in for Abbi this week. It rocked. It rolled. It crawled on its belly like a reptile…

1/4/2012 Dart Gun Radio

2012 – I will be better at playlists….. 40 songs this week: the Rondelles, the Beets, Ty Segall, the Monks, Violators, the Drub, BNLX, Bush Tetras, Wipers, Kills, Sin 34, 1990’s, God Bullies, John Spenser Blues Explosion, Brief Candles, Donora, etc etc etc

1/11/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Johnny Thunder, Small Faces, Novel, K’naan, Doomtree, KAB. Man or Astro Man, Grant Heart, and more…. today i was just a disaster, & if there was trouble to step in, I did. 5 minutes late for the show (FYI archive-listeners)… and just… fbbfshsjfhdj. tried to do a ‘happy birthday’ set to the young Adler.. but that kinda got screwed up too.