May 2011 Modern Kicks Archives

5/4/2011 Dart Gun Radio

in memory of Miss Polystyrene… and more rock as per usual

5/11/2011 Dart Gun Radio

Ed Gein Fan club, Take, Ween (well sort of), Hepa/titus, the undertones, the jam, pagans, shellac, agent orange, wipers, cramps, Naked Raygun, Richard Hell – o.k. – sort of generic – but it was good times

5/18/2011 Dart Gun Radio

Celebrating the life of Harmon Killebrew: the Andrew Sisters, Big Black, this Moment in Black History, Baseball Project, Gay Witch Abortion, Dag for Dag, Count Basie, the Treniers, Atmosphere, Big Pauper, Hammerhead (Playing this Thursday at the Turf), the Dills, Wanda Jackson – ETC ETC& MORE

5/25/2011 Dart Gun Radio

“eh – an alright show.
Nena, creation, they might be giants, sham 69. replacements, ween, stranglers, Agent Orange, Eeri Von, Coathangers, black lips, white fence, Epoxies, dead milkmen, street sweeper social club