October 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

10/6/2010 Dart Gun Radio

pledge drive #2 – lets admit it – the money i raised – big FAT goose egg $0.00 – it sucked.
except that Larry and Angie were there – and Georgia, and others
so at least we had each other….. but the community – left us a void. I won’t sugar coat this people – it sucked

10/27/2010 Dart Gun Radio

halloween / day of the dead part 1
I love this. the Melvins, 45 Grave, Tom Waits, Dead Weather, DI, Greg Carr, Lou Reed, Greyskull, Oingo Biongo, Pixies, Nick CAve…. more and more

10/20/2010 Dart Gun Radio

One of those days, where nothing goes right, but I did get my dog back and her tumor is benign. The whole ordeal cost me $850.00, she’s missing a tooth, and is sedated, I’m tired and emotionally drained. and this is what it sounds like!

10/13/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Greg Carr rock stomps perfection – yet again and I love it.
Motorhead, DK, Butthole Surfers, Nick Low, 23 Skiddo, Chrome… if I say more, you’ll explode.
just listen!