September 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

9/22/2010 Dart Gun Radio
9/29/2010 Dart Gun Radio

pledge drive show with Angie and Larry!!!

9/15/2010 Dart Gun Radio

come September is my loose radio anniversary.
14 years total
4 at WALF
10 years at KFAI
12 years of music director

and I still can’t remember the name of a band off the top of my head
oh well – it’s why I play the tunes, not name ‘em.

9/8/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Regular smattering of tunes: Boomtown Rats, 45 Grave, the Intelligence, Rebel Set, Yppah, Mission of Burma, Dollyrots, Bad Brains, Unsane, Statutaur, Gits,’s, Stooges, the Damnes, Halo of Flies, Electric Eel Shock, Ten Kens and way way more.

9/1/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Ian Rans joins us to spin a few of his favorite audio flavors and also give us a little skinny on Drinking With Ian, and it’s big move after 6 years – starting the 7th live – ever other Tuesday night
where you can watch it on the web (*if your a cable-less poor person like me who was sure that I’d never be able to see the show – unless I was at Grumpies or on site – BUT NOW I CAN – so can you!!!
while you’re waiting for that – you can listen to this. All Ian – all the time – just the way you like it.