July 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

7/28/2010 Dart Gun Radio

after 2 + months of seriously crappy luck – I decided to shake it all off. Songs about Kicking, Bad and Wrong. A little sympathy for the Devil will ya?

7/21/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Punk rock love to Greg for filling in for me this week – and doing yet again – another amazing job with the show. I had a meeting for teaching next semester early in the morning and no time to prep – so basically…. yeah – Greg had to counteract my not punk rock stuff with some solid punk rock

7/14/2010 Dart Gun Radio

I work through the worst stomach cramps of all time (2 days + lasting now) – but truck on to talk about my cool kids this week at “Big Bang” camp and play some songs to ease the pain

7/7/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Teaching Dinosaurs in Space this week – while rocking
this week – the latest kid illness was watching a kid scratch their head over and over again – and I know they weren’t thinking!!

rock and roll will save my soul – and save me from head lice too i hope